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Google Display Advertising

Display advertising allows your brand to be seen all over the internet by the right people. Our display marketing strategies mean that we can create eye-catching and engaging adverts for your business, and put them in front of potential customers.

Display ads and Google Display Network

Google Display Network includes more than 2 million websites and has a reach of 90% of internet users. Its immense capabilities to get your brand noticed and drive sales can’t be ignored. Businesses make ample use of display ads to get the maximum return on investments. As an experienced digital marketing agency, we know the power of relevant placement targeting to get your ads before the right audience. B2B brands use display ads for a cost-effective upper funnel play. For B2C, it mostly boils down to which part of the customer journey they want to target. The scope of using multiple ad formats (including video and banner) along with re-marketing makes GDN highly effective and a favorite among advertisers. Conversions can skyrocket if display ads are done right.

Features we love:

• Its unparalleled reach of more than 2 million websites and 650, 000 apps.
• Google properties such as YouTube, Gmail, and Google Finance are part of the Display Network—as well as blogs, mobile apps, and unaffiliated sites.
• GDN - Google Display Networks targets people in the right places at the right time. Targeting by topic and placement can be best exploited on GDN. • Display advertising on GDN makes re-targeting customers close to conversion possible, driving sales.
• Valuable ROI-based traffic for both acquisition and retention.

Our strategy

Being an experienced Google PPC and display advertising agency, we get the importance of having a foolproof campaign structure. At ProntoDigital, LLC we stick to a strong campaign structure as the foundation for successful display advertising campaigns. Even though it’s our data-driven agency’s well-kept secret, we want to share a few strategies with you:

i. Account structure

• Client immersion workshop
• Custom Adwords strategy development
• Google Ads conversion tracking implementation
• Strategy review with the client & approvals

ii. Campaign structure

• Consistent nomenclature according to best Google practices
• Topic and goal separation
• Geo-targeting for multi-region accounts
• Segmentation by remarketing, placements, and topics
• Separation by bidding strategy: smart versus manual
• Performance separation (after performance section audit)
• Combined budgets (if necessary)
• Consistent daily budgets

iii. Ad group structure

• Ad group naming by targeting methods
• Demarcation of ad groups by type of ads-video & banner, etc.
• Targeting by audience/location/demographics/keywords
• Optimisation by ad schedule/device/location/topics
• Bidding effectiveness
• Display ads
• Ads scheduling
• A/B testing
• Performance assessment

How can Display Advertising help?

As part of your PPC campaign, we can implement display advertising to ensure your ads get noticed by your target audience. We can create display adverts in different forms, including banner ads, rich media, and even video. Wherever your audience is, you and your display advertising campaigns can be there to encourage them to visit your website.

Display Ads/Advertising

While display advertising only offers an average click-through rate (CTR) of 0.56 percent, it’s a useful channel when it comes to brand awareness. That’s because display ads catch the attention of users visually. Even if users don’t click on your ad, they still get exposed to your products and services. Get the best return from your display advertising campaign with the expertise of our award-winning team. We’ll create compelling copy and original designs for your ad. Plus, our Google AdWords account manager will monitor clicks, conversions, and click fraud activity to help your business make the most of your budget .