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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a term coined relatively recently which is used to represent any marketing purposes which include the creation and sharing of content, to satisfy business goals. How you present this content usually depends on the purpose, but it often takes the form of:

  • Blog articles
  • How-to guides
  • White papers
  • Info graphics
  • Videos
  • Case studies

  • One important differentiation among content marketing and other more traditional elements of the marketing mix is that content marketing is not focused on selling. Creating valuable content inspires belief and brand loyalty. Pronto Digital employs a content marketing plan to add value to your business in a range of methods:

    SEO – Fresh and relevant content is required to perform well in the search engines. Content marketing can be used to target specific long-tail search terms whilst also improving the overall relevance of your website.

    Links – Compelling content will always attract editorial links. Knowing what content your users are interested in is vital for organic link building.

    Branding – As well as the SEO benefits, it’s tough to overstate the impact content marketing can have on overall brand awareness and digital reach when executed accurately. In recent years, most brands are becoming publishers because it helps them involve with their clients.

    Social Media – Many big businesses realize that one of the most common problems they face through their social media marketing is that they do not know what to write and/or share. With a predefined content calendar and a content marketing plan in place, the job of social media marketing becomes much relaxed.

    Relationships – Content marketing is a great manner to develop relationships with industry leaders working within your space, just as it’s a great tool for building long-term relationships with your possible clients. Top people appreciate top content!

    Conversions – Consumers go through several steps among becoming aware of a service and converting into paying clients. In terms of creating content, these stages can be loosely categorized into Early, Mid and Late buyer readiness steps. Each of these steps can be catered for using different types of content marketing, increasing overall conversions. If you would like Pronto Digital to develop a content marketing plan that works for your business, please get in touch for an informal chat about how we can help.